26 October, 2014

Switch fast between extended and mirrored screens: An OSX godsend

You plug an external monitor or projector into your Macbook Air or Pro, and what do you see? It's anyone's guess. It could be an extension of your desktop or a reproduction of what's on your laptop. And it might not be what you want to see on the big screen. Don't mess around with System Preferences. Learn this keyboard shortcut:


Holds down the Apple command key and press that chiclet F1 key above the 1 and next to Esc.

This toggles between display modes: If you were mirroring, it'll extend your desktop. If your desktop was extended, it'll mirror.

This is a handy trick to have up your sleeve when you're presenting to a group and you don't want them to watch you cue up what you'll show them next. Use extended desktops to do work behind the scenes and hit Command+F1 for the big reveal. Then Command+F1 again to hide your work.