07 May, 2009

Mac says "Where's the Active Directory?"

Here's the scenario: You're working in an Active Directory network and somebody starts to bring Macs into the workplace. Slowly but surely, you have a cluster of them, and you need to get them onto the network. You set up a Mac server with Open Directory gluing it together. Congratulations: You now have a golden triangle. 

But...your PC users expect to find network folders on the Mac they've always seen on the PC. Your networking experts don't know the Mac and your desktop Mac enthusiasts don't know about domain-based networking. Here's the missing piece of information for both those groups. 

1. In Finder, press command+K. 
2.  In the server address box, enter smb:// followed by the fully-qualified domain name of the drive (eg smb://walnut.yourdomain.org/ or smb://oak.yourdomain.org).
3. Click on Connect and select the specific volumes you want to mount. 
4, They'll appear in the desktop as mounted volumes. 

Congratulations. Like the triangle, you're golden. 

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